Within its structures, the PGNiG Group undertakes initiatives to enable will-be employees to develop competencies and gain initial experience. 

As one of the largest corporate groups in Poland, guided by a sense of responsibility for future generations, the PGNiG Group enables all interested to draw on the knowledge and experience of its employees by participating in training placement and internships programmes. As part of such programmes, young people are offered an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the organisation, understand the work of the gas and oil industry and, most importantly, they can make practical use of the knowledge acquired at the school or university. In 2019, PGNiG organised or participated in the following internship and education programmes: 

  • GeoTalent – PGNiG’s proprietary internship and education programme for students of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków, the Faculty of Geographical and Geological Sciences of the Adam Mickiewicz University of PoznaƄ and the Faculty of Geology of the Warsaw University. It seeks to identify and attract the best students and graduates who want to pursue their professional careers in the oil and gas industry. GeoTalent comprises workshops, competitions for students, the Mentoring Programme, the Ambassadorial Programme, the Summer Internship Programme, and other similar initiatives. A total of 41 interns completed paid placements with PGNiG in 2019.
  • Energy for the Future is an internship programme run by PGNiG jointly with two other groups (the PGE Group and the ORLEN Group) under the auspices of the Ministry of Energy; in October 2019, the fourth energy company, PSE S.A., joined the programme. It aims to find the most talented students and graduates of faculties relevant to the Polish energy sector. Each participating student has a chance to gain hands-on experience and skills in his/her areas of interest. The number of interns enrolled in the fourth edition of the programme was 29. September 2019 saw the end of the third edition, with 23 participants.
  • Deposits of Career – a programme offering students and graduates of all faculties (except oil and gas engineering, covered by GeoTalent) an opportunity to gain professional experience at a large, stable company. Its participants can complete an internship and take part in educational events to support career building. In 2019, the Company hosted ten interns under the programme.

Internships are also offered by PGNiG outside the programmes discussed above. In 2019, a total of 187 persons were covered by the internship and work placement opportunities.

Number of internship and work placement participants in the PGNIG Group in 2018–2019:

Organisational unit
Number of internship and work placement participants in 2019
Number of internship and work placement participants in 2018
Secondary school students
University students
Secondary school students
University students