On June 26th 2008, the disposal by the Minister of State Treasury of one PGNiG share in accordance with general trading rules triggered the eligible employees’ rights to acquire a total of up to 750,000,000 PGNiG shares free of charge. 

First share transfer agreements were executed on April 6th 2009 and the eligible employees’ rights to acquire PGNiG shares free of charge expired on October 1st 2010. As at December 31st 2019, nearly 60 thousand eligible employees acquired 728,294 thousand shares. The Company shares acquired by eligible employees free of charge were subject to a lock-up until July 1st 2010, while trading in shares acquired free of charge by members of the Company’s Management Board was restricted until July 1st 2011.

As at December 31st 2018, 728,293,842 PGNiG shares, representing 12.60% of the share capital and total voting rights at the General Meeting, were distributed among 59,256 of the 61,516 eligible employees.