1. General information
    1. Key information about the PGNiG Group and basis of preparation of the financial statements
      1. The Group
      2. Basis of preparation
    2. Effect of new standards on the financial statements of the PGNiG Group
      1. New and amended standards and interpretations
      2. Effect of new standards and interpretations on the Group’s financial statements
  2. Description of the Group and its reportable segments
    1. Key information on the Group and its reportable segments
    2. Key data on the reportable segments
    3. Revenue by segment
    4. Equity-accounted investees
      1. Material restrictions of the ability to transfer earnings from interests in joint ventures to the Group
  3. Notes to the statement of profit or loss
    1. Revenue
    2. Operating expenses
    3. Other income and expenses
    4. Net finance costs
    5. Dividend paid and proposed
  4. Notes on taxation
    1. Income tax
      1. Income tax expense disclosed in the statement of profit or loss
      2. Deferred tax expense
  5. Notes to the statement of cash flows and information on debt
    1. Debt reconciliation
    2. Financing liabilities
      1. Financing available but not drawn
    3. Equity and capital management policy
    4. Cash and cash equivalents
    5. Additional information on consolidated statement of cash flows
      1. Reconciliation of movements in working capital with the statement of cash flows
      2. Other non-cash adjustments to the statement of cash flows
      3. Reconciliation of cash as presented in the statement of cash flows with the statement of financial position
  6. Notes to the statement of financial position
    1. Non-current property, plant and equipment and intangible assets
      1. Property, plant and equipment and related provisions
        1. Provisions related to property, plant and equipment (including the provision for well decommissioning costs)
      2. Intangible assets
      3. Impairment of non-financial assets
    2. Working capital
      1. Inventories
      2. Receivables
      3. Trade and tax payables
    3. Provisions and liabilities 
      1. Employee benefit obligations
      2. Other provisions
      3. Grants
      4. Other liabilities
  7. Notes on financial instruments and financial risk management
    1. Financial instruments
      1. Key financial assets by category 
      2. Key financial liabilities by category 
      3. Items of income and expenses related to financial assets and liabilities
    2. Derivative financial instruments
    3. Financial risk management policies
      1. Credit risk
        1. Credit risk related to cash and bank deposits
        2. Credit risk related to receivables
        3. Credit risk related to derivative transactions
      2. Market risk
        1. Commodity price risk
        2. Currency risk
        3. Interest rate risk
      3. Liquidity risk
  8. Other notes
    1. Share capital and share premium
    2. Earnings per share
    3. Assets held for sale
    4. Other assets
    5. Contingent assets and liabilities
    6. Related-party transactions
      1. Transactions with entities in which PGNiG or its subsidiary holds equity interests
      2. Transactions with entities in which the State Treasury holds equity interests 
      3. Benefits received by the Group’s key personnel
      4. Loans granted to the management and supervisory personnel of the Group companies 
    7.  Joint operations
    8. Changes in the Group structure in the reporting period
    9. Other relevant information
      1. Auditor fees
    10. Events after the reporting date

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