GRI 306-3, 307-1
In the area of hydrocarbon exploration and production, there is a strong focus on the prevention of environmental emergencies and hazards caused by spills, emissions etc. The adopted measures include not only system-based solutions such as procedures, training and safety briefings, but also technical solutions, on-going checks of the technical condition of plant and machinery, and supervision of work by authorised personnel. All these measures consequently drove down the number of emergencies having environmental impact. 

In 2019, as regards exploration activities, only three emergency events were reported on drilling sites. They were followed by quick intervention measures to contain the emergency and had no negative impact on the environment, which was confirmed by the results of ground surface tests carried out after the site was decommissioned. 

As regards production activities, two small-scale emergencies causing minor environmental damage were reported. Qick prevention measures were taken to contain the emergency and remove most of ground pollution. In one of those cases, reclamation work undertaken to eliminate environmental damage restored the area to the desired condition. In the second case, work is still under way in keeping with the approved remedial action plan. A natural gas blowout incident occurred in a well decommissioned at the end of the 20th century, but the joint effort of PGNiG’s rescue team and fire fighters prevented environmental and other damage at the site.

PGNiG Termika reported an environmental incident – after a pump was started to feed cooling water from the Vistula River (Vistula basin), a shoal of fish entered the cooling system at the Żerań CHP plant, damaging the rotary screen. The Provincial Inspectorate for Environmental Protection investigated the incident, with no sanctions imposed on the company. PGNiG TERMIKA assembled a technical committee, which resolved to implement certain technical and organisational measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Penalties for non-compliance with environmental laws and regulations (GRI 307-1)

No breaches of environmental laws or regulations were reported by PGNiG in 2019, and no penalties for non-compliance with environmental laws and regulations were imposed. The situation was similar across the entire PGNiG Group, with one exception – PGNiG Termika was charged with an administrative fine of PLN 8,000.00 for a delayed test of air conditioner tightness at the Siekierki CHP Plant. A subsequent check was successful and revealed no technical issues in the A/C system.