In 2020, PSG will continue to work towards expanding the network, increasing the number of customers, maintaining and improving the technical condition of gas pipelines, and guaranteeing operational safety. In the coming years, PSG is going to proceed with activities relating to investments in the network (construction of gas networks, also with the use of LNG technologies, connection of new customers, network upgrades) and other projects fostering growth of the gas market.

The company intends to consistently pursue new opportunities for:

  • Increasing the use of gas as an environmentally friendly fuel;
  • Stimulating the development of R&D&I activities and infrastructure to facilitate growth of the volumes of transported gases (including ‘renewable’ gases);
  • Meeting the growing demand for natural gas from large and medium-sized customers (in particular cogeneration producers, manufacturing and industrial plants, service centres) and fostering development of the power generation sector;
  • Further roll out of the gas distribution network and connecting new customers in the regions of Poland where the gas network is not sufficiently developed.

Moreover, PSG will embark on cooperation projects involving the PGNiG Group and fuel sector entities with a view to developing a business model which, taking into account market conditions and the state policy, will facilitate the development of alternative fuels infrastructure and will create conditions for offering adequate CNG refuelling services to vehicle users.


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