The PGNiG Group is in the process of updating its strategy, with the work to be completed by the end of 2020. The update covers changes to the climate policy implemented at the national and EU level under the European Green Deal. 

In the next few years, the PGNiG Group aims to generate a substantial portion of its revenue and profits from solutions and technologies meeting climate neutrality requirements. With this goal in mind, the Group is analysing and implementing biogas, hydrogen and photovoltaic projects. It is also contemplating investments in wind power generation. The PGNiG Management Board’s key priority, to be incorporated in the updated strategy document, is to grow value across the Group.

The document is only an update to the current strategy, which sets out business goals and directions that, for the most part, remain valid. The Group will continue to work on enhancing Poland’s energy security, diversifying its gas supply sources and building the reputation of a reliable gas supplier among its customers. One of the key new directions to be included in the updated strategy are renewable energy sources. The PGNiG Group aims to increase its presence in the renewables sector, with the strategy to define the scope and mode of the Group’s renewable energy operations. The Group is also poised to expand its heat generation business, acting as the sector integrator. The strategy update will be driven by the prevailing megatrends. One of the indirect consequences of the coronavirus pandemic has been accelerated digital transformation of the economy.

The updated strategy is planned to be published by the end of 2020. It is too early to state precisely the time horizon of the new document, as this depends on the findings of an analysis being conducted as part of the strategy update work. Nevertheless, it will certainly address the long-term challenges identified in strategic documents implemented at the national and European Union level.