In 2020, PGNiG plans to produce in Poland 3.9 bcm of natural gas (measured as high-methane gas equivalent), and 0.7m tonnes of crude oil and condensate.

Work planned to be carried out in 2020 in the area of operations of the Sanok Production Branch includes:

  • Development and tying-in of the following wells: Sędziszów (-38K, -39K – completion of the investment process, obtaining an operation permit, transfer of the facility to the Sanok Branch), Gilowice-3K, -4H, Przemyśl (-49, -287, -289K, -290K, -), Kramarzówka-3H, Przeworsk (-26, -27K, -28, -29), Kraczkowa-3, Jastrzębiec-2, -3, Palikówka (-10K, -13K), Mirocin -65, -66, -67, -68, -69, and Królewska Góra -1, -2K.

The activities planned in the Zielona Góra Branch include:

  • expansion of oil and gas production facilities – KRNiGZ Dębno and KRNiGZ Lubiatów;
  • Development of the following fields: Różańsk, Babimost and Zbąszyń, Rokietnica, Kamień Mały,
  • Development of the following wells: Grotów (-4, -10, -12), Sierkaów-2H, Borowo-5, Granówko-1, Szczepowice-1, Turkowo-2.

PGNiG’s production branches will also engage in other investment projects, focusing mainly on maintaining or ramping up hydrocarbon production. Such projects include, for instance, work related to the installation of gas compressors or upgrade of flowline systems or gas pipelines.

Other countries


PGNiG UN monitors and analyses prospective upstream projects in the Norwegian Continental Shelf with a view to acquiring new licence areas in the regions attractive for the company, through farm-in (purchase of interests from other companies) or farm-down (exchange of interests with other companies) arrangements.

PGNiG UN, as a partner, will continue to produce hydrocarbons from the Skarv, Morvin, Vilje, Vale, and Gina Krog fields, and will proceed with the development of the Skogul, Ærfugl, Duva, Tommeliten Alpha, and King Lear fields. Production of hydrocarbons under the Skogul and Ærfugl licences is scheduled to commence in 2020.


The appraisal and production work planned for 2020 also includes completion of drilling, testing and tying in of the Rizq-3 production well and drilling of the Rehman-7 production well. In parallel with the drilling campaign, the PGNiG Pakistan Branch will work on expanding the capacity of the production infrastructure and tying in new wells for commercial production. In 2020, the Rehman-6, Rehman-7, and Rizq-3 wells are scheduled to come on stream. As part of continued exploration work, the Pakistan Branch also intends to complete advanced processing of 3D seismic imaging in the W1 prospect and 2D seismic imaging in the W2 prospect. 

Other directions

As regards seismic services, work planned for 2020 includes 3D seismic data acquisitions in Poland (mainly for PGNiG) and abroad, including in Germany, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Croatia, and the United Arab Emirates, as well as 2D seismic data acquisition in Mozambique.

Natural gas and crude oil, condensate and NGL production forecast for 2020-2021 is available here.

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