The PGNiG Group implements management skills training programmes within its business units. 

One of these initiatives is the Managers Academy run at PGNiG, which is a programme of regular leadership skills training for management personnel. A third edition of the programme, launched in 2018, called ‘From Manager to Leader’, was completed in 2019. The target recipients were middle-level managers, who were given the opportunity to enhance their skills and competencies in communication, cooperation, joint responsibility/engagement, decision making, people management, task management, and openness to change. The aim of this edition of the programme was to improve existing competencies and to change the perception of managers and see them as leaders who support their teams. Also, a ‘Leader with Positive Energy’ training series was held under the Managers Academy programme at PGNiG OD. The purpose of the project was to improve the knowledge of best management practices and to develop leadership skills. It aimed to encourage commitment to building the Company’s organisational culture by strengthening and fostering close and successful relations between employees, leaders and teams, all with a view to delivering the stated business objectives.

A management training programme under the name ‘Four Generations on the Labour Market – Management and Communication with Generations Z,Y,X and Baby Boomers’ was run in 2019. The programme was designed to improve communication and eliminate generational conflicts in teams. PGNiG also promoted development of competencies relating to key aspects of management by holding a training programme called ‘Leadership and Change Management’, which aimed to provide knowledge on how to manage the organisation after a change in its structures and how to integrate employees and identify areas requiring change. In 2019, management personnel also attended the ‘Mission, Vision, Strategy’ workshop to work out shared values and strategic directions for the Group. In addition to the traditional forms of training and workshops, online training in management and personal development is also provided to managers. Access to various training courses at any convenient time allows managers to flexibly plan when and how they want to learn. Online training was delivered throughout 2019. A total of over 2,000 people participated in the management skills development programmes in 2019.

Given generational changes and fear of loss of expertise held by experienced Group employees, PGNiG launched a pilot Mentoring Programme in 2019. Its overriding objective is to share knowledge, expertise and long-standing experience by employees who are experts in their fields with their less knowledgeable colleagues. As such, the programme is also directed to employees who are retiring soon to enable them to become mentors and share their knowledge with new employees.