Hiring the right employees that match current needs and the job profile is an important driver of the Group’s success. 

The PGNiG Group operates a recruitment process designed to select candidates that will deliver added value to the entire team. The Group enables existing employees to participate in the recruitment process. Internal recruitment allows to better exploit the potential of current employees, who are given an opportunity to progress their career and gain new experience not only within their company but in any PGNIG Group company. In line with its Code of Ethics, the Group does not differentiate between candidates because of their gender, age, physical disabilities, race, religion, nationality, political beliefs, trade union membership, ethnic origin, or sexual orientation. Questions that candidates can perceive as discriminatory are prohibited. 

The recruitment process helps to get to know candidates better and to learn about their competencies, professional experience and personal career goals. It also enables potential employees to learn about the organisational culture and growth opportunities offered by the Group. A clear and transparent recruitment process helps to make responsible decisions regarding employment and career development of candidates. A multi-stage recruitment process comprising application selection, preliminary interview and job interview, helps select employees that will strengthen the Group’s current position.

During the complex selection process tools are used to select employees appropriate for the scope of duties and skills required in a position. The most popular tools include knowledge tests, practical skills test, case studies, assessment centres and psychometric tools.