Since September 23rd 2005, the PGNiG stock has been listed in the continuous trading system of the main market on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The issue price in the Company’s public offering was PLN 2.98. In 2019, PGNiG shares were included in the following indices: WIG, WIG20, WIG30, WIG-Poland, RESPECT Index (since September 2019: WIG-ESG), WIGdiv, WIG-PALIWA (sectoral index), and WIG.MS-PET (macrosectoral index)

In 2019, the annual rate of return on Company shares, excluding dividends, was -38%. Over that time, the sectoral index WIG Paliwa and the blue-chip index WIG20, yielded rates of return of -18% and -7%, respectively. The PGNiG share price movements ranged between -28% (the lowest closing price of PLN 4.03 on December 11th 2019) and +37% (the highest closing price of PLN 7.66 on February 5th 2019) from the 2019 average closing price of PLN 5.59. To compare, fluctuations of the WIG20 index ranged between -9% (the lowest value of 2,047.34 points on December 11th 2019) and +7% (the highest value of 2,414.41 points on February 6th 2019).

PGNiG share price vs WIG20 and WIG-Paliwa 

Source: WSE - Warsaw Stock Exchange.
* relative to the price of PGNiG shares.