GRI 103-2

Mission statement

Trustworthy – the customers can depend on premium quality and reliability of our services
Energy supplier– our customers are offered a full range of energy products (gas + electricity + heat + other/services)
Households and businesses – we care for and value all our customers: households, businesses, and institutions
We are a trustworthy supplier of energy for households and businesses


Responsibly – we act transparently, in line with the principles of corporate social responsibility
Effectively – we have implemented process and cost optimisation measures
Innovative solutions – we are an innovation leader in the energy sector
We are a responsible and effective provider of innovative energy solutions

Primary objective

Value growth – our primary ambition is to create added value for our shareholders and customers
Financial stability – we seek to secure long-term financial stability and creditworthiness 
Increase the PGNiG Group’s value and ensure its financial stability

The PGNiG Group’s key values are instrumental in the pursuit of its mission, vision and overriding objectives. Responsibility, credibility, partnership and quality are articulated in the Statement of Values, which forms part of the PGNiG Group’s Code of Ethics. They are the lodestar that guides the Group in its strategic initiatives.

PGNiG Group’s values:


The foundation for all employees in their day-to-day work, regardless of the position held, and at the same time a challenge which motivates us to work for the common good and take care of the natural environment and climate. What this means for the Group:

  • Caring for its business and social environments, natural environment and climate
  • Working together to build company value and good reputation
  • Caring for the safety of employees, subcontractors and customers
  • Ensuring transparency, equal opportunities and professional development for all employees

Building high-quality and dialogue-based culture of communication, inspiring the atmosphere of trust among all our stakeholders, in a lasting and consistent manner. What this means for the Group:

  • Ensuring confidentiality of information
  • Ensuring compliance with disclosure requirements appilcable to issuers of securities
  • Ensuring transparency of actions and information
  • Delivering on commitments
  • Fair and responsible competition
  • Ensuring transparency of sponsorship, donation and social initiatives

Building lasting and mutually beneficial relations based on trust, both within the PGNiG Group with its employees and trade unions, as well as outside the Group with its customers, local communities and other market participants. What this means for the Group:

  • Creating conditions conducive to cooperation
  • Fostering strong relations among employees
  • Tolerance of diverse views and expectations in the workplace
  • Engaging in dialogue with stakeholders and responding to their needs

Providing high quality products and services, driven by the principle of continuous improvement through implementation of state-of-the-art technologies, streamlining of management processes, and building an ethical workplace across the PGNiG Group, as desired by our customers, employees and all business partners. What this means for the Group:

  • Building relationships with customers and trading partners
  • Striving to provide trading partners and customers with products and services that meet or exceed their expectations
  • Fostering continuous development
  • Fully harnessing employees’ potential

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