Apart from stimulating employees’ personal development through training courses, workshops and various projects, the PGNiG Group makes tangible contribution to its employees’ comfort and effectiveness by implementing solutions making their work easier.

In 2019, the following initiatives and investments were implemented in this respect:

  • Introduction of the TetaME system – discontinuation of the written holiday/leave request procedure. Currently, employees use an electronic system which allows them to submit leave requests and obtain related information.
  • Launch of an Electronic System of Invoice Management at Geofizyka Toruń − transparent flow of documents and improved work organisation.
  • Launch of a new system of access control and work time recording − the system increases safety of people and property and facilitates access to the premises by eligible persons. The system also supports verification of employees’ working hours.
  • Modernisation of a Fire Alarm System – improvement of safety of persons and property on the Group’s premises.
  • Fit-out standardisation and modernisation at PGNiG OD’s Customer Service Offices throughout Poland – signiciantly improved working conditions of the customer service staff. New interior design of Customer Service Offices enabling faster and more efficient service of customers, including the disabled and customers coming with small children.
  • Launch of the LEX HR system at the PGNiG’s HR Department to provide reliable information and reduce the risk of differences in interpreting legislation.
  • Launch of an electronic remote work request system – streamlining the request submission process.
  • Launch of an electronic questionnaire for surveying employees’ satisfaction with conferences they attend – survey of employee satisfaction with the activities of conference organisers, offering an opportunity to advise participants of future conferences.
  • IT equipment replacement – improvement of work safety and comfort.
  • Upgrade of the production floor at PGNiG Technologie to improve productivity and production quality.